Innovative Car Cup Holders

Drivers who have a long commute or those who are traveling need a regular place to keep coffee and drinks. Aside from keeping drinks from spilling while driving, they should be somewhere out of the way of driver and passenger hands and legs. Many autos have a built in console with a cup holder inside, but you may want to buy an extra one for passengers or for your own needs. There are a lot of options available for this simple product, so shop around.
Your choice of a cup holder for cars will depend on the configuration of your own vehicle. You should also consider the type of drink you normally consume. If you are a lover of a jumbo soda, for instance, the cup size you choose should be able to accommodate a larger cup.
How the holder attaches to your car should be another consideration. You can find models with clips that attach to a window frame, suction cups that attach to the window itself, and models that clip onto a heater vent. There are also cup holders designed to be attached to the back upholstery of the car seat. Pick a cup holder that will hold your drink securely even when going over bumps or stepping on the brakes. Choose multiple configuration cup holders for family trips.
Selecting a car accessory is all about convenience and practicality. You should be able to find both in a cup holder for cars, so don’t sacrifice one for the other.

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